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Location United States
Introduction Ordinary average single woman living in the middle of nowhere special having global culinary adventures in an ordinary crackerbox kitchen. In other words, yes you can try all the recipes at home! In fact please do! And send me pictures!
Interests Life, cooking, stories, languages, music ... you name it I'm probably interested in it.
Favorite Movies Unbreakable can't be beat. Pitch Black was fun. Memento intriguing. I enjoy anything with an edge that makes me stop and think.
Favorite Music Moonlight Sonata for thinking. Jack Johnson for cooking. 80s music for letting my hair down. Just like that old time Rock and Roll!
Favorite Books Riddle Master of Hed is my all time favorite book. Really enjoying George RR Martin's series, just hope he completes it in my lifetime. Dune was great. Ray Bradbury is a favorite. Been known to Enjoy Edgar Allen Poe from time to time. Emily Dickenson's poetry intrigues me. Way too many authors to list ...

You're going to the moon! What did you forget to pack?

I am so forgetful, I have been known to lose my glasses on the end of my nose! I come by this legendary forgetfulness honestly. My dad has been known to lose his pencil behind his ear! So there's no telling what I would forget. I'd try to remember to bring "The Joy of Cooking" with me though. If I could own only one cookbook that'd be The One. What cookbook would you pick?