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Introduction I am a mum of 2 beautiful boys, Callum aged 2 and Harry aged 4. Harry was very poorly thoughout October 2011, complaining of his legs hurting and then his tummy hurting. We had 2 admissions to Airedale hospital and a few visits to our G.P. in this month. I was told that Harry had a virus, but it did not get better, but worse. On 11.11.11 I visited out G.P. as Harry was in such intolerable pain. The result was a visit to LGI this time. Just over 24 hours later, the confirmation that Harry had a large tumour in his abdomen and subsequent tests showed that he had cancer in his bone marrow and bones. His cancer is called Neuroblastoma. It affects about 100 children a year usually under age 5. When detected in children age 3 and above, generally it has spread to the bones and bone marrow. This is called stage 4.
Interests So yes, our lives have been turned upside down as a consequence. Trips to LGI have been numerous and our family has been split up and had to cope with days sleeping apart and not seeing each other properly. When Harry is in hospital one of us stays with him all the time. The funny thing is, this has enabled us to spend so much time with him and bond more than either of his parents thought possible. Our lives have stopped in many areas and the focus is on our boys. Something which, we try in every day life, but work etc prevents such individual time being spent together, making lego models, doing arts and crafts, playing on the Wii etc. This Blog was set up to keep friends and family updated with Harry's progress. We have been overwhelmed by peoples' support. Our friends have been fantastic in helping out with childcare for Callum and keeping in touch etc so thank you everyone. We value everyones' support in our journey to beat Harry's cancer