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Gender MALE
Occupation a midget
Location Land of Misfit Midgets
Introduction Chuey is a resident of beautiful Guadalupe, Arizona. Standing merely 4'3" tall most people think he is a midget or little person. That couldn't be further from the truth. Chuey, like most items in Guadalupe, has been lowered and is fully equipped with 16 switches. He comes standard with a top of the line hydraulic system to go along with a NOS powered body. Chuey's history is an interesting one. After declaring himself eligible for the NBA draft straight out of Guadalupe High School, Chuey soon learned that his life was too 'Thug' for the pussies in the NBA. This decision came shortly, pardon the pun, after Chuey shot a limo driver in the knees and was kicked out of the league. When Chuey is lounging around the house he mostly dreams. Dreams of the day when that light bulb won't require a ladder to change. Dreams of the day the doorknob stops hitting him in the face. Dreams of the day that he bumps into a woman not wearing underpants and gets trapped in her femininity for hours. Dreams of the day that someone recognizes that 'it' looks big in anyone's hands, not just his. Mostly he dreams that people accept him for his looks and not his personality.

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Nothing stans...even cum!