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Occupation Comedian
Location New York, New York
Introduction I'm a Manhattan-based comedian and perform stand up at popular clubs like Caroline’s on Broadway. I've studied with Amy Poehler and worked with Mario Cantone while warming up audiences at ABC Studios. I've taught comedy improvisation at Procter & Gamble and the Deepak Chopra Center. Please visit jacquelinekabat.com. I have committed to writing a blog entry every day for 365 days. Maybe insightful. Maybe comical. Always honest. Let's see what happens. www.jacquelinekabat.com You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter.
Interests I am intrigued by the Law of Attraction, smart honest comedy, spirit over ego, mom jeans, vinyasa, bulldog puppies, extraordinary coffee, teeth marks on wine corks, The Garden Weasel, Delphi, acerbic wit, real men of genius, humility, Clarence the fifth Beatle, depth, Ignignokt, hot baths, the need to utilize exclamation points!, Stego-Puss, agave nectar, jheri curl mullets, open hearts and minds and Grand Sichuan on 24th and 9th.
Favorite Movies Spinal Tap, The Godfather, Animal House, Tootsie, Wet Hot American Summer, Parenthood, The Lost Boys, Halloween I, Pulp Fiction, Across the Universe, Terms of Endearment, Almost Famous, Hannah and Her Sisters, Sixteen Candles, Airplane, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, National Lampoon's Vacation, anything Christopher Guest, movies with lovable chimps as buddy cops and Lifetime originals that involve Meredith Baxter Birney with an eating disorder
Favorite Music Van Morrison, Robert Earl Keen, Gillian Welch, Dolly Parton, Townes Van Zandt, Buffalo Springfield, Prince, Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Wilco, Neil Young; Indigo Girls, Crosby Stills & Nash, Lucinda Williams, Emmylou Harris, Warren Zevon, Otis Redding, Alison Krauss
Favorite Books This ongoing blog, Comic Insights, Elie Wiesel's Night, Valley of the Dolls.There are so many books that I love that deal with consciousness, compassion and creativity. I have lent most of them out and never got them back. It's cool..just pay it forward.

Would you like to watch me in action? In July, 2009 I MC'd for an incredibly successful marketing campaign for eBay. I warmed up 15 audiences for a live game show called "LET'S MAKE A DAILY DEAL" that was hosted by Mario Cantone and Monty Hall. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyy7sxePQ2E