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Location Chicago
Introduction I'm currently a grad student who spends her free time reading books, and collecting novels for her staggering and scarily formidable TBR pile. I typically avoid said pile by drawing my old travel adventures in my moleskine sketchbook, trying out new recipes and knitting patterns, and hunting down vinyl records for the turntable I spent my little pocket money on years and years ago. I also love to play the cello, piano, and the guitar and love attending concerts (of the classical and the mosh pit rock concert variety).
Interests books, art, music, food, baking, vinyl records, painting, blogging, sketching, hiking, cooking
Favorite Movies The Princess Bride, Inception, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Amelie
Favorite Books There are too many! Check the "books" tag on my blog to read my thoughts on my favorite (and least favorite) books.