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Location London, though originally from Menorca (not Minorca) in the Balearic Is.
Introduction I am a very normal person who likes doing normal things, really. I know, this sounds promising, but bear with me. I am a blog novice so I'm unsure about this whole thing but I am attracted to the idea and I think it could be fun once I get into the swing of things. Ok, so here goes a quick 2-min 'about me' bit. Loves: food (eating and cooking), interior design (I'm a sucker for Living Etc and count the days until the next issue appears in my mail box), shoes (I firmly believe that one can never have too many), drinks (quality over quantity, please), travel. That should be enough to get me started. Rants: lies and liars, winter weather, mustard, vinegar, olives (although I'm trying to like them again) and capers. Tunes: I have shocking musical taste so anything that plays on commercial radio will do. That said, I reckon that being an opera lover and classical music fan redeems me from utter hopelessness. Pets: yes, one (for now). I (we) own a British Bulldog who is the pride and joy of the household. City: London where I live with husband and pooch.