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Industry Accounting
Occupation CPA by day
Location West Virginia, United States
Introduction I am a once-divorced, twice-married, super busy mom to three boys. My husband has a gluten sensitivity and we have been eating gluten-free for several years. I strive to cook easy, healthy food in my very limited time. We are Cub Scout leaders, involved in medieval reenactment, and I run 5ks as a hobby in my {free} time.
Interests Sugar free, grain free healthy eating, running, Cub Scouts, sewing, medieval reenactment, reading

The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig:

Once upon a time there was a bald man who broke his lovers' heart by coming out of the closet and claiming to be gay. His lover happened to be a witch and with her heart shattered she turned the bald man into a frog so that no one would ever take him seriously again. To make matters worse, she adhered a wig to his head to make him ridiculous to other frogs as well.