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Introduction I believe in power. The power to change ourselves. The power to make a world different than the one we live in. Amidst all the media misinformation that divides “us” and “them,” in a world where no politician has the bravery to make a commitment, there are people who are changing the world. These people are all around us. They consciously choose to make the world different. The changes they make might affect their friends and family, people who don’t have enough to eat, or maybe just their energy bill. I have this knowledge, and yet I am sometimes overwhelmed by the suffering of our planet and its people. I would like this blog to have the effect of renewing hope when hope needs renewing. I would like this blog to challenge those of us that think there is nothing we can do. The power that we have is not cumulative, it’s exponential. If we believe in our power, we will not be afraid to use it. And if you read this far… creating new realities is just fun! And scary. Try starting a random conversation in an elevator sometime if you don't believe me.