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Industry Law
Occupation Patent Attorney
Location Suburbia, Minnesota, United States
Introduction I'm a mom to two humans under the age of 5, two dogs, two cats, and whatever random fish that may become temporary resident's of my son's aquarium. I'm also a patent attorney for a Fortune 500 company. I'm trying to balance work, motherhood, and a marriage. After four years of infertility, we were blessed with our Son in September of 2005. In a relative surprise to all involved, we were lucky enough to "get lucky" on our first fsh/IUI cycle in December 2006, with BabyA arriving in September of 2007. Now I'm back to work...Let the fun and games begin!
Interests Gardening, playing with my two, cross-stitch, Science Fiction
Favorite Movies Shallow Hal (Neal Diamond rocks!), The Last Samurai, Shuan of the Dead, Seven Years in Tibet, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Serenity, Evolution, Sahara, and The Wedding Planner
Favorite Music Foo Fighters, Five for Fighting, John Mellancamp, Neal Diamond, Jon Mayer, Metallica, REM, Indigo Girls, Nickelback, TSO
Favorite Books Angels and Demons (Dan Brown), Memoirs of a Geisha

Which is easier to make a model airplane out of and why: a banana peel or a wet sock?

It's got to be a banana peel-much more aerodynamic.