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Occupation too many to name here
Location Tinsel Town
Introduction I think I've said too much already. A girl can't lay down all her cards at once. Good thing my deck goes higher than 52. I wish I were a guy so I could pee anywhere I wanted while standing up. That's real power. I'd like to meet the following: My great-great grandparents, the N. Oklahoma ones, not the Swiss gentry. My woebegone friendship with Adam G. The man who's going to be with me till we're retired to the porch swing sucking on glycerine tablets, and who still reads to me at night, while I rub his feet. My ambitions with commitment and discipline. The characters from old David Lee Roth videos. Hot carb on carb action. That fucker who keeps trying to take the bbq, in a dark alley, satan's minions, lilliputians, nigglers, pifflers, piddlers, snake-oil peddlers, cripples, do-gooders, truth-seekers, sweethearts, wandering minstrels, interlopers, robber barons, saints, sinners, people who snort and guffaw, holler and whoop, tender tender people with good hearts, and all my fat little babies. I like BUTTER! And Vitamin Z!
Interests most everything interests me.
Favorite Movies The Legend of Billie Jean, because "fair is fair." Close Encounters of the Third Kind, because it's as close to perfect as any other great film I can think of. Anything by Preston Sturges, but mostly Sullivan's Travels. Brief Encounter, (David Lean!!), days of heaven (anything by Terrence Malick), the black stallion, funnybones, battle for algiers, bringing up baby, amelie, whale rider, gallipoli, sixteen candles, dog day afternoon, cinema paradiso, some like it hot, angels in america, trouble in paradise, holiday, my favorite wife, my man godfrey, do the right thing
Favorite Music both kinds of music
Favorite Books Not published yet. To Kill a Mockingbird, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, Lolita, The Liar's Club, A Natural History of the Senses, The Museum of Bad Art Catalogue, Geek Love, Battle for Christmas, Autobio of Malcolm X, The World of Pooh, ee cummings, I Ching, Shakespeare's plays (honest, I do), books on natural history, cultural history, Joseph Campbell, Jung school psychology, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Pablo Neruda, Anne Sexton, Religious Studies. All of it.

The squish of mud between your toes; how would you live your life as a frog?

That is an inappropriate use of semi-colon, if ever there was one.