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Gender MALE
Industry Education
Occupation Fundraising Writer and Great Lakes Captain
Location Okemos, Michigan, United States
Introduction My son Logan took the photo to tease me about being a dissheveled genius. I try to keep up with three blogs on blogger and have a main web site at At that site you will find my main Yvor Winters and Isle Royale National Park web sites (IR is Michigan's only national park). In addition to these, my web site offers four of my books: one on doubting and skepticism "A Journal on Doubt" (mainly on struggling to believe in Christianity); a book of short stories "Two Stories on Redemption"; a non-fiction collection on a crucial philosophical issue that has long interested me, "The Problem of Disagreement," and one that offers an overview of the ideas of an obscure American poet and critic "A Year with Yvor Winters." Folks are welcome to write to me at with ANY questions about Yvor Winters, Isle Royale, or Copper Harbor or with suggestions for blog topics or news with some bearing on Winters's writings, Isle Royale, or Michigan's Keweenaw.
Interests Tennis, Photography, Film, Literature, Poetry, Wilderness Adventure
Favorite Movies The Films of Japanese Great Akira Kurosawa
Favorite Music Bob Dylan remains at the top
Favorite Books I'm not talking the BEST books I've ever read here, but my favorite books, the books I have read several times. Melville's "Moby Dick." James Joyce's "Dubliners" and "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man." Gore Vidal's novel of ancient Rome "Julian" is one of my all-time favorites. Edith Wharton's "The Age of Innocence" has, too. Prescott's "History of the Conquest of Mexico and Peru" is a favorite history. I have many poets whom I love to read. I also love drama, with Shakespeare's tragedies at the top, though I also have many others.