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Introduction In the interest of the general Ahmadi public, and in the interest of Muslims who are trapped in this Cult because they are unable to leave for fear of the repercussions on their families, I expose the truth. The truth comes in the form of various Jamaat (Community) documents, exposing the real face of this C-U-L-T. I do so anonymously, to protect my identity from them, because they can cause me and my loved ones a lot of harm. I set this Blog up to give Ahmadis a platform to talk out against this CULT and its leadership, something that is actively discouraged by the CULT. I condemn all forms of violence towards the Ahmadis and this Blog is not to stir up hate, but to expose this so called 'saved community' for what it really is: A CULT. This Blog isn't to incite hatred but is to show the Culture of Fear within the CULT.
Favorite Movies The Predator, Little Mermaid, Big Momma's House, SAW.