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Industry Human Resources
Occupation Damage Control
Location United States
Introduction The Spawnlings Too many people won't like that term. Get over it. I spawned them; I live with them--I can call them what I like. Why, yes, I do love them, but Thank God I don't define myself only by them. And anyone who cannot see their children for who they are--good and bad, amusing and frustrating--needs a reality check that won't bounce. (My theory and hope is that they will get one soon enough). I am the kind of parent who can love them with that primal-what-on-earth-would-I-do-without-them-all-encompassing love, but there are days when I would be willing to consider selling them to the gypsies...and since I'm really really blessed, I have a day or two, now-and-then, during which I'd consider paying the gypsies to come and take them. At least for a few hours. I find them alternately amusing and frustrating. Usually at the same time--and sometimes, for the same reasons.
Interests What's that smell? What is that stuck to the carpet? What are you doing to the cat? What's that noise?

Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?

No, but sporks are evolved from spoons. They're evil too.