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Gender Female
Location Victoria, BC
Introduction Hi hi hi! I am Ojo, and I am a Rescue Dog from Alabama! I was what they call "stray", and then some people caught me and put me in the place called "shelter". I stayed there for a very long time until some other people from Canada called "Dog Bless Rescue" found me. I had a couple of new homes, but none of them for very long. When my people heard about me they knew I was the right dog for them! I am silly and easy-going, and I LOVE to play! (Do you want to play with me?) Now I live by the ocean! I like rain and snow and sun - it doesn't matter as long as I am outside running! My favourite walks are in the forest! My favourite food is peanut butter - it makes my eyes go very big! I love life!
Interests Chasing birds, chasing squirrels, chasing bunnies, chasing toys that squeak, chasing Balls, eating (anything, but especially peanut butter), running hard, sleeping curled in a tiny ball, being where my people are.

Which is easier to make a model airplane out of and why: a banana peel or a wet sock?

I will play with the wet sock and I will eat your banana peel! Yum! Thank-you!