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Introduction Here to share my thoughts,to show no matter how hard we try we will never be perfect,& we need to work on our lives everyday.I am born again which means I know about Jesus & I know he is the only way to Heaven.It means I have to work at the goal of reaching Heaven everyday.Why?Simply because I can go back to my old thoughts & ways at any time.I still have mean thoughts sometimes...Temptation is EVERYWHERE!!I will probably anger a few people with this blog.Many of my friends that I care about.However we were not put here to be tolerant of evil.Jesus wasn't.He clearly said what is wrong & what is right.You can not pick & choose what you want to believe from the Bible.Either you believe it all or you don't.Your choice.Sadly that is the reality of our time.We shouldn't be surprised though,the Bible said it would happen.Have you seen the movie Left Behind?Watch it.I don't care if you see parts 2 and 3 but watch the first one.To all my dear friends who think I am crazy,you'll see when it happens.Anyway~ I am also here to talk about raising my kids in this scary world.Mostly just to chat~
Favorite Movies A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, The Breakfast Club
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