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Introduction So the addition to my house has been completed for some time now. We LOVE it and wished we would of been able to do it many years ago. So the mission now is to keep the cherry wood floor clean. Do you know how many times the dogs track across the floor a day? I lost count. The vacume, dust mop, broom and "swifer" are out many times a day. I really am on the edge now. I have 3 wonderful children, 2 labs Finnley and Stella (they have their own car the lab mobile and like to eat important things) and 8 grandkids, Ethan, Alex, Drew, Peyton and Crewe, Dayne and Kade and Addison, all darling! I am crazy about my husband, and I like to travel, read, swim, sew, shop, and my family and friends. I am calm, laid back and lazy, not really just the opposite. What can I say other than I have to get back to cleaning that damn floor.