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Industry Arts
Occupation Writer
Location Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
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Introduction Writer, raging liberal, and mother of Eric Slick, drummer for Dr. Dog and Adrian Belew Power Trio, and Julie Slick, bassist for Adrian Belew Power Trio; both Julie and Eric also play in Paper Cat with Robbie Seahag Mangano on guitar as well as too many other projects/bands to mention. "I work on the principle that it's not possible to take anyone's views on music seriously if they don't like the Beatles. Everything else is a question of personal taste and therefore debatable. But if you don't recognise the Beatles as the twentieth century's most inventive, most influential and most talented composers, you're pretty much admitting that you've rather missed the point of the last hundred years of musical endeavour. Should you fall into that category, I do not condemn neither do I mock. I merely despair and, having despaired, I move on." ...Mark Bastable
Interests Besides my obsession with writing? Music! Big time.
Favorite Movies A Clockwork Orange, High Fidelity, King of Hearts, Local Hero, Rock School
Favorite Music The blues, Frank Zappa, all mid to late sixties and early seventies British rock, Adrian Belew PowerTrio, Dr. Dog, Paper Cat, and the fabulous Zappa Tribute band Project Object
Favorite Books Catcher in the Rye, Ham on Rye, Look at Me, High Fidelity, Naked, The Various and Celandine, The History of Love, Secret Confessions of Applewood PTA, Town House, Vertigo, anything by Neil Gaiman

You have to dig a hole to China. Where do you start?

How can I go forward when I don't know which way I'm facing? Sorry. I like my question better than blogspot's random question.