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Gender MALE
Industry Accounting
Location United States
Introduction I'm the author of the book "In Satan's Footsteps" which explains how many of the sinister systems of today are very much the same. My wish (with God's help) is to at least make some difference in today's youth which is such a target for evil systems (sympathy for Islamic terrorism, evolution, pro-choice, etc.) I have seen some strange things in the education system (and still do) like a teacher trying to make a class I attended practice Hindu-meditation while saying that the Qu'ran demands not to kill Christians. Which is why I do what I do -- this is what I live for. I have been on some T.V./radio shows like "God's Learning Channel," "Adam Mcmanus," etc.
Favorite Movies Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan, Spartacus, and much more.
Favorite Music Antonio Vivaldi, Old Blind Dogs, Techno
Favorite Books The Bible, Liberal Facsism, etc.

If you think America is so evil - would you rather live in American culture (God, Country and Apple Pie) or Native American culture (tribal warfare, canabalism, pologymy, and scalping)?