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Industry Arts
Location Canada
Introduction I spent the long winter of 2007 feeling sad and depressed... and no wonder...eating junky foods and drinking a silly amount of beer, gaining a bunch of weight, and experiencing all sorts of physical and emotional manifestations of pain. I was so ready for this life change! After a long and dark 5 month period, something in me finally said ENOUGH, and that is just what I'd been 'dying' to hear. Through support, determination, and a whole lot of reading and researching, I managed to transition painlessly into healthy living, returning to the (mostly) raw lifestyle I was enjoying before I rudely interrupted myself. I've so quickly shed everything from asthma to anxiety, depression to joint pain...just by eating live, enzyme rich raw foods! I am a firm believer in nutritional healing, and believe our bodies already possess everything we need for glowing health.
Interests raw foods lifestyle, painting, opera, unschooling, writing, my Mastiff, singing, graphic design, recording in studio, long Canadian roadtrips, songwriting, alternative healing, emotional freedom technique, gardening, vintage French postcards with ladies demure and not so demure, playing banjo, learning mandolin, guitar, fiddle, singing harmonies, life, hardcore anything
Favorite Movies Running with Scissors, Leaving Normal, Fitzceraldo, Happy Accident, Opera: La Boheme, The Reader
Favorite Music Well, I love rockin' country blues, hurtin' country, extremely sad operatic arias, southern rock, punk rock, opera, new age chants, classical and meditative music. Artists I enjoy are John Hiatt, David Gilmour, Amy Winehouse, Buddy & Julie Miller, Gillian Welch, Wallflowers, Neko Case, Sheryl Crow, Indigo Girls, Puccini, Verdi, Rachmaninoff, Lucinda Williams, James Taylor, JJ Cale, Eagles, Lyle Lovett, The Ramones, Steve Earle, Patty Loveless, Kate & Anna McGarrigle, David Bradstreet, (endless list, really)
Favorite Books The Raw Detox Diet by Natalia Rose, Celebrating our Raw Nature, by Dorit Rawsome by Brigitte Mars, Growing Younger by Norman Walker, The Teenage Liberation Handbook by Grace Llewellen, Field Day - Getting Society Out of School by Matt Hern, Free to Fly - a Journey Toward Wellness by Judit Rajhathy, The Cure by Dr.Brantley, My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday, Earle Birney - A Life

You've written a hit musical! How will you avoid having fame go to your head?

eat raw to stay grounded