<b>The Sykes Family</b>

About me

Location Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Introduction He's Sean,the Dad. I'm Maria, the Mum. He's from England. I'm from Maine. He has a Mum, a Dad, and a sister. I have a Mum, a Dad, a brother and five sisters. We have 2 nieces and 4 nephews. We met, fell in love, moved in together in 2005. Engaged in 2006. Married in 2007. Got Sean a Green Card in 2008. Had a baby and bought a house in 2009. 2010 was pretty low key though we did make a trip to England. She's Lucy, the Toddler who will be 2 April. She walks, she talks, she mimics, she mocks, she giggles and laughs. She loves puppy dogs, cats, singing, dancing, her books, riding in her wagon and hide and seek with Daddy. We call her Birdie, sometimes Boo, Monkey, Munkadoodle and or Lucy Goosey. We do a lot of laughing, a bit of crying and a whole lot of learning as a family.
Favorite Movies We'll watch just about anything.....but we won't necessarily see it through to the end...
Favorite Music Sean likes weird English Band music....and I may be one of the only Catholic Conservatives who really likes folk music....could care less about "the message" I just like the music. Is that so wrong?
Favorite Books We both love reading - Sean is a big Sci Fi fan and though I've tried some of his books out, I'll stick to my thrillers, suspense novels and occasional Jodi Picoult/Nicholas Sparks novels. We're both big fans of Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter and the Isabel Allende books for young adults. And of course, we love Lucy's picture books and story books.