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Gender MALE
Occupation Massage Therapist
Location Corvallis, Oregon, United States
Introduction I live in a decrepit but much-loved Victorian in a sleepy college town. Every day, I climb the five-story ladder to the snug little lookout (very similar to the Forest Service lookouts my wife used to work on before she met me) perched on top of the house, in order to write this blog. I'm sure the lookout tower would be a very impressive sight if it weren't imaginary.
Interests Science fiction, massage, anarchism, Quakerism, if people were to try being nice to one another for a change
Favorite Movies 2001, Dr. Strangelove, Bananas
Favorite Music Bush, Radiological, Osama, Bill of Rights, Cheney, Biological, Carnivore, Zarqawi, Gonzales, torture, dirty bomb, NSA, Guantanamo, Impeachment, Magic Lantern, Rumsfeld, Habeas Corpus, rendition

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