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Introduction There are few marriages that don’t need help in the quality of their relationship. Marriage without a good relationship is a marriage that won’t last. Even if it does last
Interests What is the difference between a marriage and a relationship? A marriage is a bond formed by two people in holy matrimony, and in the eyes of man and the law they are united and only death or divorce can separate them. A relationship is a meaningful feeling that is formed after a marriage and will continue to grow and deepen as long as the marriage is nurtured. Relationships really should actually begin long before the wedding vows are taken. It's pretty easy to tell if your marriage needs relationship help although sometimes others may notice that long before you do. Tell tale signs include going to activities but going alone and offering excuses for your spouse not attending. When you are together, you are constantly criticizing each other and complaining about a number of petty disagreements. Or, it can go to the other extreme and you just sit with each other but just don't talk at all. No matter what the other does or talks about, it's boring and uninteresting. More signs of a declining relationship might be a dramatic lack of interest in any intimate activity. You're both young and attractive, yet the spark just isn't there anymore and you fantasize about others. Affection within your relationship is nonexistent. There are no hugs, no kisses and no one says I love you. Human beings need to be touched to feel worthy, happy and satisfied. If even the touching is gone, and there is a serious problem with your marriage. This lack of intimacy and absence of affection in your marriage are major danger signs that you shouldn't ignore. This is the type of situation that makes one of you, if not both, very vulnerable to infidelity or worse an ongoing affair.