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Introduction Hi! This blog is a result of a quest to finding, testing and recording the full-proof recipes that I, my family and friends love, since it's worth doing it, not only to make my life easier for many meals to come, but also to put them on record for future generations and anyone who is interested. It is also about sharing any thoughts and experiences related to food, in and outside the kitchen. So I wanted to put together a book for myself with all those recipes etc., and thought: Why not put them in a blog at the same time? This idea was born in the USA where I moved in my adult years, bringing my rich Turkish culture, and where I truly discovered the joy of cooking, baking and entertaining, inspired by the overwhelming variety of cultures, people, ingredients, books, TV shows, restaurants and friends. The recipes I have may come from anyone or anywhere (which I, of course, mention with the recipes, whenever necessary) and it may take sometimes a single day, sometimes years to fully proof the right recipe, which makes cooking and tasting a never ending journey of learning and building gems of my own kitchen... With love... (the most important ingredient!)