Alex Engwete

About me

Gender MALE
Occupation Freelancer
Location Kinshasa (DRC) and Washington, DC
Introduction This is a companion blog in English of my blog in French also called “Alex Engwete” (see link). This is foremost an exercise in “congology,” that is, a semiotic vigilance on cultural and political practices in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). No kidding. In a country that witnessed the semiotic swindle called Authenticity (Mobutu), “residents of the republic” (Alain Bashung) need to be in a state of heightened vigilance. For the con continues and has even taken more ominous forms. All posts dealing with the Congo would thus be played on the mode of rants. I’ll also be posting “flash fiction,” set in the Congo and illustrated by the graphic novel artist BARLY BARUTI, a childhood friend. I have another blog where I post my short fiction in French: “Lonkasa de jean-Pierre” (see link). My flash fiction will be the English adaptation or translation of some of those stories. Congo doesn’t preclude me from talking about the world or about myself. At times… Last and not least, all widgets of the blog are only visible with FIREFOX, Google Chrome, or Safari browsers ... Contact: