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Gender MALE
Industry Technology
Occupation Systems Engineer
Location Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Introduction ..trying to act 10 years younger...and 3 inches taller.
Interests Drums, automotive repair, Japanese horror (see below), culinary arts, female behavior, virtual flirtation, child rearing, soldering guns, real flirtation, remote psychoanalysis-by-proxy, and the pursuit of knowledge in its myriad of forms.
Favorite Movies Lady Vengeance, Oldboy, Audition, Poultrygeist (srsly), Death Trance, Shaolin Soccer, Kung-Fu Hustle, Hero, Primer, The Matrix, Pi, Cube, so many more...
Favorite Music Taiko, heavy metal, death metal, fusion, jazz, classical, electronica, opera, Broadway musicals, R&B, D&B, and strippertunes
Favorite Books "Tourniquet Heart", "Viscera", and "Russell the Sheep"

The love potion you made tastes terrible. How will you drink it?

I already love myself, therefore, why should I be drinking a love potion? More to the point, however, is that to overcome taste, the most-effective way is to block the tastebud receptors on your tongue. I have found that local anesthetics, such as Lidocaine, are very effective in this regard.