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Introduction These are a few of our favorite things... SHAUN: Things that fly, stringed instruments, Krispy Kremes, Brutus the Buckeye, my wife and offspring, the Creator of all things above. JOY: Books and movies, TV trivia game shows, group and board games, singing harmony, animals, snow. ELENA: Books, art, books, riding bike, books, being with friends, volleyball and books. GRETA: Cheese, art, the color pink, soccer, pretty dresses, being with friends, books. LANDIS: His stuffed dog named Cat, playing outside, little animals, writing, his big sisters, playing games, watching movies. PHILO: Oct 2004 - June 2018, Greatly missed

Why do you think honeydew is the money melon?

Because it shows up in every pathetic little fruit salad. Crazy melon, I wanted real fruit!