About me

Location Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Introduction Ok, so I have quirks, lots of them... and people used to say to me, "I worry about you." But now that I've found other knitters, I don't hear that as much.
Interests knitting, baking, windmills, indy music, my god-dog, saving the universe from evil dust bunnies, mouse hunting, creating art from my husband's belly-button lint (that got your attention didn't it?)
Favorite Movies Mary Poppins, High Fidelity, X-men, LOTR, SW (original trilogy), ROTLA
Favorite Music Belle and Sebastian, The Heavy Blinkers, J Ball, Dale Murray, Matt Mays, Joel Plaskett, Emitt Rhodes
Favorite Books You want me to choose? I can't choose.

When you open your eyes underwater, do you ever worry that you'll drown?

No. But I do worry that I'll lose my contact lenses, so I don't open my eyes underwater.