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Occupation Freelance author, mother
Location Monrovia, Indiana, United States
Introduction I'm a wife and parent of two-- one in college and one in middle school. Author of one book, GURPS Rogues. Editor of INWO SubGenius and author of its new rules. I do square foot gardening. I sing in my church's praise team and act in its drama group, the In His Light Players (unless I'm being Assistant Director). I do some volunteer game demonstrations for Steve Jackson Games' MIB program, mostly at Gen Con Indy. And in my copious free time, I work with the local science fiction club, the Circle of Janus, in putting on a convention, InConJunction, as well as editing its newsletter and frequently being a club officer (right now I'm the President). My college-aged daughter is genderqueer and pansexual in orientation. LGBTQIA issues are, therefore, of interest to me. My son has ADHD and some learning disabilities. The state of our schools and how we handle kids who are neuro-atypical are, therefore, also of concern.
Interests lgbtqia issues, gardening, card games, board games, games, RPGs, role-playing games, roleplaying games, GURPS, Steve Jackson Games, saving money, singing, Christian life, home life, dogs and cats living together, science fiction, fantasy, SF&F fandom, SF&F conventions, faith, science & faith, teaching youth, church, drama, square foot gardening, volleyball
Favorite Movies The Princess Bride, Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail, Galaxy Quest, The Big Chill, Amelie, MIB, The Gods Must Be Crazy, The Matrix, How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the original Chuck Jones animation), Serenity, A Dog's Breakfast, Cube, Lord of the Rings series, many others too numerous to list
Favorite Music Anything but twangy country and rap and screamo
Favorite Books Way too many to list