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Gender Male
Location Sydney, Australia
Interests confusion and mixture, memory, animal spirits, extended mind, phenomenology of batting, Empedocles, distributed cognition, Kings Indian Defence, dreaming, James Kennaway, Larry Gomes, William Kentridge, Pietro Pomponazzi, Janet Cardiff, Stirling County, Maurice Halbwachs
Favorite Movies Until the End of the World, Darkness in Tallinn, Donnie Darko, Belly of an Architect, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds, Suture, Naked, Bliss, Wild at Heart, Heavenly Creatures, Exotica
Favorite Music Sonic Youth, Throwing Muses, Ripe, Barry Plankton, Headless Chickens, Orange Juice, Go-Betweens, Blonde Redhead, Red Paintings, Arab Strap, Breeders, Pixies, Fat Freddy's Drop, Lotion, Paradise Motel, Smiths, Radiohead, Triffids, New Order, Craven Fops, Kristin Hersh, Josephine Wiggs, The Plums, The Wedding Present
Favorite Books Gravity's Rainbow, Some Gorgeous Accident, Offshore, Lempriere's Dictionary, The Crow Road, Everyman's Rules for Scientific Living, Newton's Niece, The Cost of Living Like This, Tunc/ Nunquam, Household Ghosts, When They Lay Bare, Lanark, John Dollar, Oblivion, The Passion, The Beginning of Spring, Avignon Quintet, Is Beauty Good, 1982 Janine, Electric Brae, Futility and Other Animals, V, The Worms of Euston Square, The House of Sleep