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Occupation Mum and Wife
Location United Kingdom
Introduction I am 51 ,I was born in New Zealand to British parents .We moved back to the U.K in 1957.I have anxiety syndrome sometimes badly.I don't much like meeting people but after I do I talk too much to cover up wanting to run .I adore Robert F. Kennedy and have done since I was about 8 years old.
Interests Knitting, sewing, reading, cats
Favorite Movies R.F.K, Missles of Ocober, Thirteen Days, Kennedy, Missing, Like Water for Chocolate, Cider House Rules, Eating Raoul, Scenes From a Class Struggle in Beverly Hills, House of the Spirits, Love and Shadows .
Favorite Music Lila Downs, Nina Simone
Favorite Books Love and Shadows, Robert Kennedy in His Own Words, Robert Kennedy by Margaret Laing, To Seek A Newer World By Robert Kennedy, Sons and Brothers, Perfect Villians, Imperfect Heroes, Unfinished Odessy of Robert Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and His Times, Bobby Kennedy The Making Of A Folk Hero, Robert Kennedy His Life, The Enemy Within<Just Friends and Brave Enemies, To Seek a Newer World, The House on Hoyt Street, Hose on Mango Street, Barrio Boy.Poems by Sandra Cisneros.

How do you pronounce the 'g' in bologna?

You Don't ..or very softly .