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Occupation mommy
Location phoenix, az, United States
Introduction I am a total dork...not the cool kinda dork, just a dork... i am also incredibly sarcastic, honest, artsy, and a few other choice words... what i live for: being a full time mommy... music..."art is why i get up in the morning"... what i would die for: a new car...for people to close their mouths and open their minds... what i believe in: "Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of our own mind. Absolve you to your self and you shall have the suffrage of the world." -Emerson
Interests two of the sweetest babies in the world: bella grace & finley james ... art... music... sewing... scrapbooking (shut up or i'll cut you with my deckled edged scissors!)... volkswagens....and emma (rip)
Favorite Movies nowhere, the crow, suburbia, funny bones, the never ending story, waking life, bubba ho-tep, evil dead I and II, army of darkness... the list goes on...
Favorite Books anything by dr. Sears, or dealing with attachment parnting, husband coached childbirth (the bradley way); a good birth, a safe birth; i really havent read anything lately that doesnt deal with birth or babies... well other than house of leaves. freakin awesome book- go read it - NOW!