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Introduction Traveler Exteronex (Travex) is a no neophyte in seeking wonderful places. Since childhood, he has traveled at least once a year to other towns and cities to see their picturesque offering, culture, food and wonders of nature. He already knew a bit of his hometown's history. He already knew the difference of Tagaytay and Baguio. He already saw a myriad of wonders like beaches, caves, forests, mountains, hills, underwater Nemos, and a lot more. It's just that *ehem* he has not captured most of them into photos. So sad. But it's okay, it's the experience that really counts. And no matter what happens, starting this blog, all of my travelogues will be featured to the whole world, and will forget no more captured moments. Enough has been said. I'm now chilling here in Baguio. :)