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Gender Female
Industry Arts
Occupation jewelry designer and writer
Location Westchester County, NY, United States
Introduction I am a well known jewelry designer and a columnist ("Jean in the City") for Digital Beading Magazine. Check out my jewelry book, Links. You may buy it simply by going directly to Amazon, or any top bookstore. I never stop thinking about what I am going to create next. TRUE truth. I keep my family life pretty much out of this arena, but I have a lot of children and two are autistic. Therefore, I occasionally write about autism, because it is a part of our lives, always. I am proud of my family. My husband Jim is extremely funny and incredible with the kids and I adore him. But back to the jewelry: I like color, and I like fine materials. I consider myself an investigator, as far as design, ideas, and materials. What do I mean by that? I mean that I like to study jewelry design, as if I were taking a course in school. That is my idea of FUN! Jean Yates, PJI. Private Jewelry Investigator. Back to life in general: I think a lot, about many things, and I love good movies and good books. I am willing to review on Amazon if something is particularly fine, in my opinion, and I will give good reasons why. Always, I go my own way. And I like it that way!
Interests I love food! I love my family! I love fascinating baubles. I apparently love the letter F.
Favorite Movies Well let's see. The list goes on and on: all the Die Hards, The Matrix, but ONLY the first one, the original Star Wars, Freaky Friday, the second version with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan(because of the scene where Jamie Lee Curtis is playing the guitar--that makes me really happy), The Little Mermaid, The Jungle Book, Rushmore, Napoleon Dynamite, X Men, and so many more it's impossible to list them. Why I even chose these I have no idea. Well I chose the Little Mermaid because it is on every day, here. Wait--now that has changed to The Jungle Book! Star Trek tapes are also a staple here. I can quote whole sections of The Little Mermaid, the Jungle Book, and Star Trek. Whatever would I do if invited to the White House? Babble on, I suppose. I doubt anyone would notice! I guess we are either in the water, in the jungle, or in outer space, here, most of the time. My top ten list is actually a top one hundred. I just pretend it is a top ten. If you liked "that" movie you like, maybe I liked it too. Why don't you email me and ask? I could talk movies all day! If you are another Virgo, I could talk movies with you all YEAR!
Favorite Music I like old eighties junk. plus I am willing to like newer people like The Indigo Girls when they sing "Midnight Train to Georgia", David Gray, The Dixie Chicks, Damien Rice, Hanna Montana(Miley Cyrus), and my kid who has a really good band called The Ruse.
Favorite Books I have tons and tons of books. You don't want to know! It is mind boggling how much I used to read as a kid and a young woman, until jewelry took over my passion. Now I have tons and tons of jewelry and design books.

The squish of mud between your toes; how would you live your life as a frog?

I would be the only frog around in Manolo Blahniks. next question!