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Introduction My name is Jessica and I have lived in China since I was 6 months old. In late 2010 I decided I needed to change my lifestyle and become healthier. I went vegan and joined my gym and have come such a long way since then! On my blog I will include (mostly) healthy vegan recipes, exercise tips, workouts, health tips,snacks, and other random things. My vegan recipes contain pretty much nothing that you can't get at any walmart. No fake meats and cheeses and virtually no tofu (I just don't like tofu xP ). I have gotten much healthier, gained muscle, lost weight and learned so much about health! I don't have the best writing skills or camera but I hope I can help others as I continue to learn more and improve my health and fitness.
Interests Cooking, Exercising, Learning Languages, Shopping, Hanging out with friends.
Favorite Movies I love Comedies and Horrors :)
Favorite Music I love Eminem's music but pretty much no other rapper, I listen to a lot of mainstream stuff because i am too lazy with music to spend time finding anything that isn't on the top 100 x).
Favorite Books I am not a huge reader but I read books in Chinese and Spanish as practice.