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Location Sunny CA, United States
Introduction Daughter of the king. Wife to giant of a man. Mama to in my opinion two of the most amazing girls ever! I home school just to see the looks on peoples faces when I tell them. I have had RA since my 20's but it's not winning. I am passionate about seeing marriages bring glory to God and having fun along the way. It's a gift and even though it can be hard and even down right trying at times, God has a plan for our marriages and the only way to live out that plan is to follow through no matter what so that we finish strong and are a light to other marriages in this world where everything is dispensable. I LOVE to go places I've never been and meet people I've never met. The End
Interests learning how food heals the body, reading, sports, traveling anywhere I haven't been, learning new things.I love being near, on or in the ocean. Anything my husband or kids are up to.
Favorite Movies I'm not gonna lie, I'm not a HUGE movie person...but all time favorite if I had to flash back would be Top Gun.
Favorite Music I love Christian contemporary music that gets me moving and I think I am pretty much always singing/humming something. Music just connects me to my heavenly father in a way I cannot explain. Sometimes I'm moved to be still or sometimes it gets me up and out of the house walking or on my bike out in the cool air and open space.
Favorite Books Oh my gosh, I read like a book a week. I love Christian fictional books and really enjoy anything by Rachel Anderson and so many others... Karen Kingsbury and the list goes on and on.

What would you wear for camouflage if you were hiding in a gingerbread house?

I would roll myself in frosting because in real life when I'm having a sugar craving I seriously consider doing just that!