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Gender MALE
Location Kolkata, India
Introduction A woman had some dreams. A man had some dreams. Out of their dreams, some in conflict, some in common, this dream was born with dreams of its own. And began floating. It sought the sky and was blown to the gutters. Was torn to bits by the girl who is my companion. Was trampled by the office crowd on the pavements of Calcutta streets. And yet it lives. And dreams.
Interests MODERN Literature, cinema, theatre and freedom in all its forms
Favorite Movies In the mood for love (Wang Kar Wai- tells you what time means to creativity), Last Tango in Paris, Casino Royale, Blow Hot Blow Cold, Amarcord, McKenna's Gold, Kolkata 71, Interview, Khela (Rituporno Ghosh), Utsav(RG), Roman Holiday, Godfather-I, Hoffa, Enter the Dragon, Love Story (starring Ali McGraw & Ryan O'Neal), Jukti Tokko Goppo, Sheemaboddho, Protidwandi (for nostalgia for the lost 70s when girls wore saris) and many many more.
Favorite Books One hundred years of Solitude, Poetry (Derek Walcott, Elliot, Joy Goswami, Neruda, Jibonanondo, R Tagore - now that I am getting on in years; he wrote what I would have), Shakti, Sunil, some Shankho Ghosh (I leave out Bishnu Dey as he is mostly incomprehensible and Bu Baw who is too dry)

If you were a pirate, how would you avoid laughing when saying 'poop deck'?

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