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Location Ortigas Center, Philippines
Introduction Citing shameless self-promotion, loudcloud states for the record no discomfort in admitting having no trouble in the self-esteem department. He is possessed of a megalomaniac’s confidence, much to the loathing of many; unleashes an inner fascist when needed to offset being mild-mannered in real life; wields sarcasm, a mordant sense of humor, and jaundiced viewpoint on almost everything mainly to avoid boredom and poke fun on idiocy or absurdity of everything. Inexplicably he ONLY plunks his iPod in his pants right front pocket. Addicted to hysterical outrageous conversations, smart banters, interesting people & an anomalous attachment to color blue. He squanders underpaid earnings into a mounting collection of books, CDs, DVDs, and magazines, resulting to ignored bills, which renders Meralco people irritable. He strongly believes Bill Watterson plagiarized his childhood in Calvin & Hobbes and misleads people into thinking True Love is best essayed in charmingly warped strip, Krazy Kat. He hallucinates most times, a natural consequence of overcaffeination. Essential because he is a chronic insomniac. He blogs to authenticate his deep insecurities.
Interests I have multiple, overlapping interests. These interests cover a broader range, from shampoo packaging, to the laughable mating habits of salamanders. I blow off my nonexistent salary into books, DVDs, CDs, art supply and, yeah, porn. I am probably kidding on the porn bit, but it got you.
Favorite Movies This is the part where I'd rattle off for days till people pull off their hair and burst into tears.
Favorite Music Same as "Favorite Movies"
Favorite Books Multiply "Favorite Movies and Favorite Music" ten times over till you pass out.