About me

Gender MALE
Industry Student
Location Germany
Introduction My personality is split between a technical and creative side. Although I am working in a technical field as a programmer and hardware designer, I admire creative people who are able to express the human condition in words, pictures and music.
Interests Cartoons, Drawing, Film, Programming, Hardware Design, Bicycling
Favorite Movies 2001 : A Space Odyssey, Eraserhead, Lost Highway, Metropolis, Vertigo, Psycho, Paths of Glory, A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon, Eyes Wide Shut, The Seventh Seal, Persona, The Party, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, The Great Dictator, Gold Rush, Sunset Boulevard, Das Boot, Blade Runner, M, Der Blaue Engel, Life of Brian
Favorite Music Queen, The Beatles, Jean Michel Jarre
Favorite Books A Brief History of Time, The Universe in a Nutshell, 1984