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Gender Male
Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Producer/Rapper/Mogul
Location Queens, New York, United States
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Introduction Post Punk, Rivet Headed, Spaceship, pimped out Producer/ Rapper on a mission to confess my sins thru my special brew of Funk, Crunk, hip hop bodybreaker and Souuuuulllll.
Interests Music Downloading, Sex in movies ie porn, Djing from the mothership, Rapping, Producer-beatmaking to be exact, Fashion, Culture Clashing, Communication, Brain Waves-Psyschlogy skateboarding, BMX, Tattoos, Women of all Kind Religion Substances of the mind
Favorite Movies Blade Runner, Fight Club, Menace II Society, Shawshank Redemption, Do the Right Thing, Rebel without a Cause, Cool Hand Luke, Indiana Jones series, Matrix Series, Constantine, Bullit, The Wild Bunch, Manificent Seven, Seven, Any Kung fu Flick, GoodFellas, Scarface
Favorite Music Prince, James Brown, Parliment Funkadelic, Outkast, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Roots, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Faith No More, P.O.S., Public Enemy, Saul Williams, M.I.A, SpankRock, Kid Sister, Brik Mason, E-40, PitBull, Bonde de Role, Baile Funk, Bhangra, UK Grime/Garage, Punk, Ludacris, The Clipse, Linkin Park, The Rapture, Johnny Cash, Juvenile, Lil Wayne, Krs-one, Eminem, Tupac, Mos Def, Tv on the Radio, AfroPunk, Game Rebellion, Beck, The Incredibles, Junior Varsity, Nirvana, Foo Figters, Sonic Youth, Missy Elliot
Favorite Books Fast Food Nation, Children of the Matrix, The Power Broker, The 48 Laws of Power, Art of War, The Prince, Short Stories by Flannery O'Conner, the Bible/Koran Satanic Verses, The Legacy of Jihad, Soul on Ice, Che Guera

What the hell is Dick Chaney Thinking?