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Industry Internet
Occupation What? Being a mother doesn't count? Well then. I'm an artist and a writer. I own several blogs on topics that are very close to my heart, both here and around the net.
Location Rockingham, Western Australia, Australia
Interests I'm a painter - an acrylic artist to be precise. I also have a nasty habit of having "creative binges" and whatever hobby takes my fancy I will throw myself into it for a few weeks before burning out. I have several sites that keep me busy and I recently won a Hubnuggets award for my online writing efforts - a very proud moment (yeah...I never win anything!) My boys are very much all the "interest" I can handle at the moment..heaven help me! Yup, I have three very active and er... "interesting"... boys from 11-2yrs...it's a wonder I can get out of bed in the morning!
Favorite Movies Seriously? People still have time to watch films??
Favorite Music Geez...do I have to choose one? Dunno, but if I had to pick just one musician that would survive a nucular holocaust I'ld pick Bob Marley. Now that would be scarey...imagine a zombie Marley staggering around singing "Don't you worry... about a thing..." Brrr...shivers =) I actually have a lot of music that I listen to but it's all mood dependent. I hate to mention just one because then you're going to think I'm a die hard fan and I'm not. I'll give it a go...just for you. Erm, Black Eye Pea's, LTJ Bukem, Dj Hype, Eminem (sometimes), Geez I'm terrible with names! Sorry guys-I tried!
Favorite Books I can't name them all, you're looking at a serial bibliophile. I go through 4 novels a week.