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Introduction I am a het female Dominant on the East Coast who has been in the scene about 8 years. I attend public events and am in good standing within the local alt lifestyle community. I am ever on the look out for a worthy man to be My primary relationship, and fortunate to have a strong circle of boys who serve Me, each according to his gifts and availability. I began in FemDom but now identify as a Master. It is more consonant with the degree of responsibility and accountability I provide and expect in return. I play SSC and am sometimes concerned that RACK/ RASH encourage irresponsible behavior. My feeling is that if I can foresee a danger, I have a duty to mitigate it; there's always plenty more that is un-forseeable. In this blog, I speak of M/s (Master-slave), D/s (Domme-sub), and kink generally. For the sake of brevity, I speak of M/s and refer to Master as "M/" and slave as "/s" (conveniently, this also works for Mistress/sub too). I use the slashes in both cases because what an individual is doing is always part of a joint dynamic, and the slash conveys that inter-relatedness. The Stately Pleasure Domme (TSPD)
Favorite Music Cuban afro funk, The XX
Favorite Books The Praise Singer by Mary Renault