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Location A Place I Like to Call, Paradise, United States
Introduction Books are my crack & I'll gladly pimp myself out for them. Okay, maybe not myself... But some of my tribal men! I love to READ - hello - that is why I am here!!! Join me on my journey of reading... I promise if you hold my hand I will be gentle ~ maybe! I do review books... If you are interested in being here, just let me know!!! I am sure there is something we can work our **Evil laughter**
Favorite Books I love to read about Vampires, Vampires and more Vampires... But I do love to read about my sexy alpha ShapeShifters!!!! I love paranormal, romance, funny, erotic, historical... Then combine anyone of the above! Anything with hot steamy romance and super duper Alpha Men coupled with Kick butt heroine!!! My world is always taking twist and turns in my reading addictions... My world goes from giggling and kitchen sex to dark and sinister sometimes. You never know where you will find me... BDSM, D/s, m/m and f/f are holding my hand and taking me for a walk right now... And I am loving every minute of it! Wanna join me?!!

What's the earliest you've gotten up to watch cartoons and what did you see?

Probably 7 in the morning on a Saturday and it was Bugs Bunny!!! For some reason they have stopped playing "real" cartoons these days! What's wrong with them!!!