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Introduction I have lived in Austin for eight years now, which to me, means I have an excuse for not knowing much about Austin or Texas in general. But as all of my friends tell me, it really isn't an excuse. Eight years is a long time, and it's time for me to step up my knowledge about the state in which I live. According to the quiz, I am a pretty solid Liberal. Not sure if I agree with this statement, but I definitely don't disagree. I would say that my main influence is my mom. She and I are both pretty open-minded thinkers. I have virtually no political experience… other than closely following the 2008 presidential elections. I am looking forward to voting in this coming election. I am taking this class both to satisfy school credit and increase my knowledge of Texas Government. I'd like to know more about my state than what the cows in the hill country look like. I hope to learn more about how the state government functions, and how it fits in with the federal government. On both the Texas General Knowledge and Texas Political Knowledge quizzes, I got about 50% correct… So as you can see, I've got a long way to go!