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Introduction There is so much that I want to say to my daughters. It seems so impossible to express to a child how deep your love is for him or her, unless you are spreading your arms wide and saying bigger than the sky. These blogs are moments in time, where I feel overwhelmed either by emotions or situations. I just want to hold on to those moments and put them into a web scrapbook to show my girls. To show them that being a mother is being vulnerable and imperfect. It is sometimes forgetting who you are because you are overrun by to do lists. It is looking in the mirror and being reminded that you are only playing an adult. However, during the constant frantic chaos. We scream STOP and we do and we take a moment , looking around at our life. And there you are, our children, reminding us that we need not take ourselves too seriously, we need to relax, we need to laugh and take stock in what we have, appreciate it because it is in a constant state of change and for that moment, we need to capture it and save it. That is what I do and someday, I will show it to my daughters and it will help them to make better sense of their memories and they will understand just how special they are.