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Occupation Mom, Firefighter, EMT
Location VA, United States
Introduction I am not the most consistent person you will ever know. I might write my own blogs...I might not. I tend to say too much and then regret it so if I do write, hopefully I'll re-read what I've written and then delete most of it. I Love Jesus.I am trying to reach the point in my life where I remember to "give it to God". Sometimes, I forget that he is in charge and then I try to do it myself. So far the results should be proof enough that I need to let him take over. I'm working on it with help from a few special people. I am a firefighter and an EMT, and of course I am an adrenalin junkie. I am more focused and work best under stressful situations. I have 2 kids whom I adore. They are boys ages 12 and 17. They are proof that I don't ALWAYS work best under stressful situations!! But, we'll be fine. I have tons of respect for our military and our country. My Blog title is Monkey's Are Funny...ok, they really aren't that funny but that's what my sister and I say when my ADHD kicks in. (long story) Also, I tend to ramble....
Interests my kids, my sisters, firefighting, ems, reading
Favorite Movies Saving Private Ryan, Life is Beautiful (I prefer the English as I don't do well with subtitles), and just about all musicals.
Favorite Music I really don't have a favorite type of music. I'll switch from Rock, to oldies, to Country, to Veggie Tales. Just depends on the mood of the moment.
Favorite Books I have tried to read the Bible straight thru but never could. My sister gave me a copy of The Book Of God. It is kind of like reading the Bible in layman's terms. I really enjoyed that. I also loved the Left Behind Series.

Why does the taste of pennies remind you of losing a tooth?

I'm not sure, I only eat nickels.