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Occupation BeingAnAwesomeBoy
Location Castle, Awesome
Introduction Hi, im wayne... well, what should i say about myself. Let's start from the fact that i aspire to have a high paying job. I sometimes think that i am a materialistic person. I am trying to make GREAT friends and have a social circle of friends i can call "mine". So, i like to think of myself as a rich and awesome king in a world of happiness, or a knight of the shadows, wielding a blade of justice,saving bad guys and stuff. I think I've said quite a bit so i think i'll stop here and most importantly, i am who i am.
Favorite Music I like pop, Kpop(i dont mind it), Heavy Metal(Once in a blue moon)

Please describe how you could take the peel off an apple all in one go:

I would use a sickle