About me

Gender MALE
Industry Museums or Libraries
Occupation Master of Nothing
Location Washington, DC, United States
Introduction I like to go my own way. I get claustrophobic in cliques, so I never joined them. I have a great wife and 2 wonderful (spoiled) kids. I always wanted a little sister. I’m the youngest of 6 and my mom fainted when I shared that wish!!!
Interests (Note: I changed my profile pic, but I like the explanation of the old one, so I'm leaving it in.) I want to explain my profile pic. It shows how mirrors work for most men. The weakest kitten sees a regal lion looking back. But hey, if you're going to delude yourself you might as well make it good!
Favorite Movies Comedy, action, drama, Xmas movies
Favorite Music Little bit of everything, Sinatra, P!nk, Beatles, Swift, Nickelback, Fray, Colait, Goulet, etc.

Why don't you ever wear a scarf? It doesn't need to be cold outside for your neck to feel naked.

1) I don't even like wearing ties; and 2) it would send the wrong message.