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Industry Marketing
Occupation Independent Business Owner
Location Southwestern, Ontario, Canada
Introduction I am a middle aged woman with basic education and I'd be what you'd call 'well read.' Sure, I have the odd college credit here and there, but although I like to fancy myself proficient at some things, I am really not an expert. I laugh a lot and have a wicked sense of humor and live life pretty much as I see it. I also can't help myself but to try to pass my knowledge along.... hence this blog. Take it and use it as lightheartedly as it's given and remember my motto: 'the sooner we make comedies out of tragedies, the better!' Email me anytime at
Interests Whew! Life is a buffet! Writing, traveling, stock car racing, riding our motor-sickle, New restaurants, a good book, involved tv shows that take you somewhere, watching people, watching the lake, Good smokey BBQ, selling something at a profit, enjoying something that is alive because someone thought about it and then created it, my little kitty, planning and scheming, real estate

When you spilled the milk, did it look like the moon?

What would you spend the money on that you'd like to save?