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Gender MALE
Industry Communications or Media
Location McDonough, Georgia, United States
Introduction Currently, I am 21. I live at home with my parents and trying every possible way to get out on my own. I'm trying to get into college but the current economical situation and lack of funds prevent me from doing so. I believe that Itadakimasu! is the entire reason why fate has decided to not allow me the ability to go back to school. It has always been my fondest wish but I believe that helping my friends with this organization and business is for now a greater calling. I'm also a writer. I am curently working on my first fantasy novel with an idea that has been maturing for years. I have tried many adaptations scraping them all but I believe this one to be my ideal story.
Interests Anything you can possibly think of when the word Nerd comes to mind. Except Star Trek... ew. I also like to keep myself active but due to currently being unemployed I can't do any of that until I pay off the big pile of debt on top of me. I love cooking, tea and coffee are my most favorite things. I like being out in the middle of nowhere, the outdoors are great. I am also an advanced diver even though I haven't done it in a little while. I like weapons training as well. It doesn't matter if you put a great axe or a shuriken in my hand. I love martial arts and I study all forms martial arts and the philosophy behind it. I love asian cultures as a whole but my favorite has to be Japan... I know typcal of an otaku :P. Scholarly pursuits also interest me (if you didn't include that in my first sentence) from history to physics and chemistry to philosophy. Language interests me as well. Gaelic and Latin hold the most intrigue for me but I also like to study Japanese and Korean. I am a potter as well (and if I may allow myself a small portion of conciet a pretty good one). I want to learn blacksmithing and jewelry work too. I love animals as well. Love, love, love them dogs, cats, horses, and all. I have dogs and cats but I grew up around horses too and I really want one when space and money allow me. I also can get into cars and bikes a lot when I'm around the right people.
Favorite Movies I like a lot of different movies but fantasy and super hero movies interest me the most. Horror movies now are all gorefests so I wont pay good money to go see blood cover the walls.
Favorite Music Almost anything and everything.
Favorite Books Fantasy, art, history, cooking, science, language, poetry, gaming, computers, comic books, manga, crafts, and yes even a little romance from time to time.

Is there such a thing as true love twice? How can it not be possible if the one you hold closest to your heart doesn't want to be with you?