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Gender MALE
Location Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Introduction German Bite magazine / Electronic Music / Collage / Books / Art
Interests Art, Music, Cinema, Books, Places
Favorite Movies Fassbinder is my all-time favourite director, X, Y and Zee is my all-time film, Hammer, Tigon, Amicus, Luis Bunuel, Jean Cocteau, Kenneth Anger, John Waters, Early German, The Leather Boys, Baby Doll, Victim, Pasolini, Carnival of Souls, Girl on Approval, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, Jean Luc Godard, Suddenly Last Summer, Billy Liar, William Castle, Andy Warhol, Roger Corman, Die! Die! My Darling, The Nanny, Mademoiselle, Privilege, Michael Reeves, Alice Sweet Alice, Our Mother's House, Smashing Time, Wait Until Dark, Secret Ceremony, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Deep End, The Abominable Dr. Phibes, The Possession of Joel Delaney, What’s the Matter with Helen?, Cabaret, Death Line, Boom!, Pete Walker, Fellini, Nearest and Dearest, The Exorcist, The Night Porter, Black Christmas, The Stepford Wives, Derek Jarman, Cruising, Taxi Zum Klo, Pedro Almodovar, Prick Up Your Ears, The Living End, Love is the Devil, The Bad Seed, Entertaining Mr. Sloane, The Innocents.
Favorite Music Marc Almond / Mambas / Soft Cell, The Associates, Baby Dee, The Bachelor Pad, The Birthday Party, David Bowie (before he died in 1980), Cabaret Voltaire, Chicks on Speed, Cobra Killer, DAF, Val Denham, Depeche Mode, Divine, Disco, Andreas Dorau, Jacques Dutronc, Earl Brutus, Einstürzende Neubauten, Fad Gadget, Serge Gainsbourg, Diamanda Galas, Gudrun Gut, Lee Hazlewood, Jowe Head, Thee Headocatees, Hi-NRG, The Human League, International Deejay Gigolos, Grace Jones, Josef K, Kleenex, Kraftwerk, Ladytron, Amanda Lear, Legowelt, Lime, Little Annie, Malaria!, Mechanical Cabaret, Metal Urbain / Metal Boys / Dr. Mix and the Remix, Miss Kittin and the Hacker, Modern Lovers, Barbara Morgenstern, Giorgio Moroder, The Mysterymen, Nico, Klaus Nomi, NON, Bobby O, Yoko Ono, Der Plan, Michel Polnareff, Iggy Pop / The Stooges, Roxy Music, Sixties stuff too numerous to list, Siouxsie and the Banshees / The Creatures, The Slits, Solvent, Sparks, Stockholm Monsters, Suicide, Swell Maps, Sylvester, Throbbing Gristle, Tiny Tim, Die Tödliche Doris, T.Rex, Alden Tyrell, Velvet Underground / Lou Reed, The Village People, Scott Walker, Wire, X-Ray Spex, Zeigenbock Kopf
Favorite Books JK Huysmans, Christopher Isherwood, Joe Orton, Virginia Woolf, Beryl Bainbridge, Amanda Lear-My Life With Dali, Mary Woronov-Swimming Underground, Philip Hoare-Serious Pleasures: The Life of Stephen Tennant, John Waters-Crackpot/Shock Value/Role Models/Art-A Sex Book, Sue Tilley-Leigh Bowery : The Life and Times of an Icon, John Repsch-Telstar Man, Jon Savage-England's Dreaming, Hans Fallada, Edith Sitwell-English Eccentrics, Christopher Marlowe, Fred Vermorel-Fashion & Perversity, Mick Fish-Industrial Evolution, Jurgen Teipel-Verschwende Deine Jugend, Tracey Emin-Strangeland, Andre Gide, Jayne County-Man Enough to be a Woman, Astrid Proll-Baader Meinhof : Pictures on the Run 67-77, Gordon Burn-Alma Cogan, Bertie Marshall-Psychoboys, Simon Ford-Wreckers of Civilisation, The David Bowie Black Book, Charles Baudelaire, Jean Stein-Edie : An American Biography, Ten Years of Terror, Michael Bracewell-Re-make/Re-model, Max Dax / Robert Defcon-No Beauty Without Danger, Alfred Doblin-Berlin Alexanderplatz, Diamanda Galas-The Shit of God, Wilfred Blunt-Ludwig II of Bavaria : The Dream King, Jean Genet, Peter Shapiro-Turn the Beat Around, Tempo Tempo-The Bauhaus Photomontages of Marianne Brandt, Ben Jonson, The Book With No Name, Candy & Andy, James Joyce-Ulysses, David Keenan-England's Hidden Reverse, Aldous Huxley-The Devils of Loudon, Angie Bowie-Backstage Passes, Rumpelstiltskin, Marc Almond-Tainted Life / In Search of the Pleasure Palace, John Webster, Samuel Beckett, Costumes and Legends of The Mannekin Pis, Maldoror, Maude Lavin-Cut With The Kitchen Knife : The Weimar Photomontages of Hannah Hoch, Jeremy Aynsley-Graphic Design in Germany 1890-1945, Gobbolino The Witch's Cat, Dressing for Pleasure in Rubber, Vinyl & Leather : The Best of AtomAge 1972-1980, Ronald Firbank, Amanda Fillipacchi, Kenneth Anger, Bertolt Brecht, Linder : Works 1976-2006, Larry Grayson-Larry's War, James Nice-Shadowplayers : The Rise & Fall of Factory Records.